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Birth doula services located in Tyler, TX and serving all of East Texas.

It is now widely recognized that adding a trained labor support person to your birth team can bring many benefits! Support like what doulas provide was included in the 2014 guidelines published by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists as "one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery."

Please note that due to a very busy schedule with my midwifery apprenticeship that I will be accepting a very limited number of clients.


What's included?


  • 24/7 on call support. This starts as soon as I'm hired. This can be used for asking questions, voicing concerns, giving updates, or working through anxiety that comes up. I am available by phone, text, or email. 

  • Custom birth planning session. This is a 2-3 hour meeting where we will go over evidence based information, options, I will answer questions, and we will make a plan based on your birth goals and preferences. 

  • Childbirth education. We will cover basic childbirth education during both of our prenatal meetings. 

  • A second prenatal meeting where we will go over comfort techniques, labor positions, and your specific comfort measures. 

  • Partner support. If you have a partner then I am also their doula. I work alongside of them to teach them different hands on (and off) ways that they can support and encourage you. I am also there to remind them of what to expect, and can reassure and calm them as well. 

  • Non biased support. No matter what choices you make, I will support them without judgment or bias. I have supported clients with vastly different births, goals, and opinions in all different types of settings. 

  • Unlimited labor/delivery support. When you are in labor, I will be there from the time that you need me, until 1-2 hours after delivery. I typically make sure that everyone is settled, order you some food, and can also assist with the first feeding if requested.

  • Postpartum meeting. Once you are home I will set up a time to come visit shortly after the birth. I will check in and see how you are recovering, how you're doing emotionally, and give information for any resources that you may need. 

The role of a doula is support, and that looks different for every client. We figure out your birth goals, discuss all of your options, make a birth plan, and customize support based on your specific comfort measuresPregnancy is a very exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. My main goal is to make you feel educated, heard, confident and supported. I work closely with you, any other support persons, and your provider to help make your birth goals possible. I am there to answer any questions that you have, validate and calm any fears, assist your partner in their role, be your constant source of support, and empower you through your journey.  

What kind of birth are doulas useful for?

ALL! You don't have to have or want a specific type of birth to hire a doula. It is a common misconception that if you want an epidural or are having a cesarean that a doula is not for you, and this is completely false. It doesn't matter how you are birthing, support and knowledge are appropriate for any and every birth. Even if you have a partner, and great support system, it is always beneficial to add an expert to the team! Instead of getting opinions, you get answers and truly unbiased support

Contact me for more information on adding me to your birth team!

"Holly was so great with us and the birth of our first baby. Very helpful, available and supportive of our birth plan, even when it changed (and it changed a lot!). My husband and I are so appreciative of all that she did for us during our pregnancy, labor, birth and aftercare. Very pleased with the service we received."

- Chrystal A

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