I am a Jesus, Disney and coffee lovin' momma of 3 wild kids, a crazy husky, and 1 cranky pig. I'm just doing my best to raise them and a husband while keeping my sanity. I am obsessed with the show Friends, love to write, listen to true crime podcasts, and bake. 

I enjoy raising my 'farm' and laughing my way through the chaos that comes with it.

I'm Holly Clayburn, and I own ETX Birth Co.

I became a doula in 2016, after working as an OB medical assistant since 2013. I am a certified labor doula, and professionally trained postpartum placenta specialist. I love providing clients with evidence based information, and supporting them through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. I was called to do this work after realizing that I wasn't in control of my first two births, and had no idea that I had options. I want to educate and empower clients through knowledge, and truly unbiased support. 

I believe in fully supporting every family, and every choice. Part of a doulas role is to give unbiased information and support decisions even when they are different than my personal views. When you hire me as your doula or placenta specialist you can rest assured that you have hired a knowledgable professional who is dedicated to assisting in your plan without judgment. 

East Texas Birth Co

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