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I'm Holly Clayburn, I am a Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife and I own East Texas Birth Co. I initially got into birth work in 2013 working as an OB medical assistant, then became a doula in 2016. I started my midwifery apprenticeship in 2020 and received my LM & CPM in 2022. I received my initial breech training from Dr. Stuart Fishbein in 2022, and have gone on to continue studying and training in twins and the art of vaginal breech birthsI absolutely love placenta encapsulation and heavily believe in the benefits of it after experiencing them for myself. I love birth education, and giving women choices when others have left them feeling like they had none. I am very passionate about VBACs and breech birth, but believe everyone should have the power and information to choose what birth is best for them. My philosophy as a provider is informed consent over everything, I truly believe in putting the family at the center of their care and decision making. You'll often hear me say that midwives are experts in pregnancy and birth, but you're the expert in you and your family so we are going to trust and hear what you tell us.

I am a Jesus, Disney and coffee lovin' momma of 4 wild kids and a super weird dog. My husband and I are both Tyler natives and have been married since 2013. As a family we enjoy gaming together, and running off to the mountains whenever we can. 

 I've had two home water births myself, one of them being a vaginal breech birth. Some of my favorite things in life include the show Friends, writing, listening to true crime podcasts, catching hockey games, and baking. I enjoy raising my weirdos and laughing my way through the chaos that comes with it.

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