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Placenta Encapsulation 

Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground and placed into pills. It is reported that ingesting your placenta can lead to:

  • Shorter recovery period.

  • Increase in milk production.

  • Decreased risk of postpartum depression.

  • Faster restoration of iron.

  • Increase in energy levels.

  • Overall hormone balance.

Your placenta gave your baby life during pregnancy, let it give you back your life postpartum. 

Placenta encapsulation tyler, texas

I will help you navigate discussing your placenta plans with your provider, as well as give you instructions on what to bring to your birthing facilityI maintain a current blood-borne pathogens certification to ensure my clients that standards and safety are my top priorities. Contact me today to discuss encapsulating your placenta!

Each service includes complimentary cord keepsake.  
Additional services that can be added on to encapsulation are placenta prints or a long lasting placenta tincture. 

"I have to let you know, I am so glad I decided to do this... Ever since I started taking them I've had a euphoric happy feeling and I look forward to taking them every day!"

- Samantha M

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