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What's a midwife?

A midwife is a medical professional who provides care to healthy low risk women and infants from pregnancy and birth through six weeks postpartum. Midwives are trained in physiological birth, and specialize in individualized, woman centered care. In Texas, licensed midwives are experts in out of hospital births and provide care in either home birth or birth center settings. 

"The word midwife literally means “with woman”. With woman when she’s growing, when she’s laughing, when she’s pushing, when she’s facing fear. With woman as she becomes Mother. With woman in all seasons, and in every version of her story. That is my real job." -Ashley King LM, CPM

What's included?

  • Routine prenatal visits starting as early as 6 weeks. On an every 4 week, then 2 week, then weekly schedule. 

  • Hour long appointment times. 

  • All routine labs (ultrasounds not included.)

  • Labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum time.

  • Newborn exam. 

  • 3 postpartum visits for you and baby at 24/48 hours, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks.

  • Birth pool rental.


What can you expect?

Full scope obstetrical care, but with the midwifery model. This includes:

  • Routine lab work such as blood draws & urine analysis.

  • Vitals and fetal heart tones. 

  • Fundal height measurements.

  • Individualized care.

  • Ultrasounds. 

  • Nutritional counseling.

  • Informed consent.

  • Making decisions about your care as a team.

What do we offer?

  • Home birth (Tyler and surrounding areas)

  • Water birth

  • Twins (depending upon type)

  • Breech births

  • VBAC

  • SneakPeek gender testing.

  • Genetic testing.


What's my training?

Texas Licensed Midwife

Certified Professional Midwife

Neonatal Resuscitation Certified

CPR Certified

OBGYN trained in vaginal breech births.

Spinning Babies certified in resolving shoulder dystocia.


Interested in midwifery care? Set up a free consultation by phone or email.

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