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Hi! You've found your way to my blog! I will discuss all things pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, conception and parenting related. You will also get sneak peaks into our hilarious lives here in the Clayburn household! I lovingly refer to it as our farm since I've been known to come home with various animals. Right now our family consists of me, my husband Chad, our two boys B and C (8 and 2), Atka the husky, and Beans the pig. I love all things pregnancy, baby, and women's health related! I found this calling almost 4 years ago when I began working for an OBGYN as a lab tech and eventual medical assistant. Early 2016 I met a woman who told me she was a doula and everything clicked for me. "WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS?!" So June began my official journey into this wonderful and crazy lifestyle. I love working with expectant mothers and providing complete, non judgmental and unbiased support. I am a very outspoken, open minded christian in my personal life, and I believe that every woman has a right to chose her own birth story. No woman should feel judged, pressured or embarrassed by her decisions and a doula can help! I am committed to serving women all over East Texas and helping them achieve the beautiful birth experience they deserve. I hope you will find my blog informative as well as entertaining.

Holly Clayburn, Birth Doula

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