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My vagina is great! Thanks for asking.

Hello my little bloggies! I hope y'all are ready because I'm about to drop some harsh truths!

Stop asking women about the state of their vaginas after giving birth!

Whaaaaat?! What is this crazy thing I speak of??

I'm gonna stop you right there... You shouldn't be asking why not. You should be asking why on Earth this became normal in the first place. It's extremely invasive, inconsiderate, and not to mention RUDE! In what other aspect would you ever ask a woman such personal questions?? The answer is simple... Unless you're her medical provider, you absolutely wouldn't. "Hey Mary Sue, heard you got laid last night! How is your vagina? Did you make sure to pee afterwards? Did you get a yeast infection?" SERIOUSLY GUYS! Can you imagine? There is no way you would ask that! There is no way you would answer that! You'd probably nope right on out of that conversation and never speak to them again. Sure girlfriends talk about sex and other personal things, but this goes beyond that in my opinion. And let's not even pretend that its just your closest friends that will ask, because it usually isn't. Its usually family members, strangers or ole Mrs Jones down the street demanding to hear your most intimate details. I'm really not sure when or why it became socially acceptable to ask any woman about her swollen and bleeding lady parts just because she gave birth. I think its time we got our manners back in check and put our noses back where they belong. If a mother wants to disclose these things to you, I promise she will. Some women are very open and spare no detail of their birth, but other women are a lot more conservative and deserve their right to privacy. So next time you have the urge to ask a new mother how her vagina is doing after pushing a human through it, refrain. The answer is basically always going to be "not good". Instead, just show up with wine and tell her great job! Also while we are on this subject.... For the love of everything holy, NEVER under any circumstances ask a woman "did you poop?" That is deserving of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face. And NEVER EVER point it out to a woman if it does happen. If you do this, you are the worst type of person and I hope your birthday cake burns.

Stay tuned for more truth bombs!

Peace, Love and Wine

-Holly Clayburn.

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