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Your Handy Dandy Hospital Bag

hospital bag

Hospital bags. It is probably one of the most commonly asked questions... "What do I pack in my hospital bag?" I have compiled a list of my top recommended things.

*Full disclosure, I am completely guilty of over packing, so by the time you're done with this list it may look like you're moving lol.

  • Shampoo, conditioner & body/face wash - One of the most refreshing things you can do after giving birth is shower! Make sure you pack some for dad/partner or anyone else thats planning on staying with you. Most hospitals try and release you as soon as possible now days, but its good to have some in the event of an extended stay.

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste - This is just self explanatory.

  • Hair ties - Two words... Mom. Bun. Get used to it lol. Seriously great to have on hand for labor/delivery. You will most likely want your hair up and out of your face, and it's great to have extras in case one breaks! Bobby pins can also be included in this.

  • Make-up - Technically this isn't a necessity, but chap stick is! A lot of the time the last thing on your mind is if your mascara is smeared but in the short time following delivery most hospitals will send a birth photographer around. A lot of moms opt for their natural post-birth glow, but nothing wrong with a little eyeliner if you're up for it! Whatever makes you feel like you.

  • Eyewear - This should be obvious, but sometimes even the important things get over looked. If you are an eyeglass or contact wearer then be sure to pack those! As well as cases, solution, and any other must haves when it comes to you being able to see the sweet, squishy face you created!

  • Change of clothes - Obviously you're going to want your own clothing, right? Well, when packing think comfort first. Post birth, your vagina is swollen, and you're in a diaper. Or you'll need soft and breathable clothing that doesn't irritate your staples in the event of a cesarean. Sweatpants/leggings, nursing tanks & bras (even if you're not planning on breastfeeding these are a good idea because when your milk comes in you are swollen and sore!), granny panties, slippers, robe, warm socks, and loose fitting tops. You can also opt for your own labor/delivery gown or sports bra if so inclined.

  • SNACKS!- Not all hospitals will let you snack during labor, but you are gonna be thankful for having a good variety of snacks on hand for after. Especially 2am feedings!

  • Extra blanket/pillow - Most hospital blankets are very thin and hospitals are COLD! They can also serve as a comfort measure while you're away from home. It's also nice to have extra on hand for whomever is staying with you so they can stay snuggly too.

  • Cash - This is a great idea for hospital parking, vending machines, or any hospital purchases in general. Most people don't carry cash now days so I like to remind my clients to bring some.

  • Important Documents - Drivers license, insurance cards, birth plan and memory book if you would like to have the hospital staff add baby's footprints, or have guests sign.

  • Electronics - Most people won't walk out of the house without their cell phones, but do you always grab your charger? You'll want that handy for all the pictures you'll be taking! I also always suggest to bring a laptop if you have one. Early labor is a great time for resting/catching up on Netflix! My husband and I personally brought ours and finished the series Weeds, it was a great distraction.

  • Fun - This is definitely not on the important side of this list, but I always suggest packing cards, handheld games, puzzles, books, crosswords, or any other fun way to pass the time. Pocket sized battleship exists and even in labor, my competitive side was in full swing and I sunk my husbands fleets a few times.

  • Decorations - Now I'm really just getting wild huh? People really love door hangers though! So if you made or received one, it's always fun to put it on display to celebrate your bundle!

  • YOUR DOULA! - Last but certainly not least, remember your doula! But please, don't try and put me in your bag. I'll gladly drive.

What do y'all think? Anything you would add? What was your can't live without item? Let me know!

Peace, Love & Wine,

Holly Clayburn

PS- Yes, I realize that baby's items were not included in this list. Part 2, coming soon!

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