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Go Ask Your Dad

Before we get started, I want to add a disclaimer. This is in NO way directed at my husband, or a 'dig' at him. He is a wonderful father, and does an amazing job with our crazy crew. This is just to poke fun, and to tell kids all over the world to go ask their dads!

Most of y'all know that I am an oilfield wife, this means two long weeks of solo parenting. Two long weeks of our boys asking "when's daddy coming home?" at least 3 times a day. Every single night when I tuck our almost 3 year old into bed, he asks for his daddy. They count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until he is back home. So somebody PLEASE tell me why it is that when he is finally back home, they act like he doesn't exist?! Somebody please tell me why our 8 year old will walk straight past him, and come outside to ask me what dad is doing tomorrow. Seriously child?! You had to walk past him to get to me, GO ASK YOUR DAD. I wish I could say that things like this only happen once or twice during the two weeks we have him, but its literally every single day.

"Mom where is dad going?" I don't know son, GO ASK YOUR DAD.

"What time is dad making dinner?" GO ASK YOUR DAD.

"Is dad coming on my field trip tomorrow? GO ASK YOUR DAD.

"Can dad take me to school in the morning? GO ASK YOUR DAD.

"What does dad do on the rig?" GO ASK YOUR DAD.

"Mom!" Nope. GO.ASK.YOUR.DAD.

We can be sitting side by side on the couch, and they will still ask me questions aimed at him. He must have an invisibly cloak that only works on our children. That is the only reasonable explanation why my kids will take 500 extra steps to ask me a question that he had the answer to. When he is gone, all they can talk about is missing him... When he's home they act like I'm still the only parent. Surely this isn't just my children?

When it's time to put our youngest to bed, he REFUSES to let my husband tuck him in, except maybe once or twice the entire two weeks. This is the same child who cries for his daddy every single night he's away. Daddy can put him in bed, then 2 minutes later he's standing in his doorway hollerin' for "momma tuck back in!" so I might as well just be the one to do it in the first place.

When it comes time to do homework, check graded papers, or sign anything, who do you think B comes to?? Not dad! I have a better chance of him asking the pig for a signature than his daddy. I just don't understand it, clearly I am missing something! As boys do they have a telepathic connection where my husband is sending "go ask your mom signals?" When I redirect their attention to him he is happy to answer the questions, sign the papers, do the tuck ins, and everything else that comes with being a dad. So why is it that they still bypass him? Really, does anyone have an answer for this question? Because it just escapes me. Surely it can't be the boy thing, because even the school is predisposition to ask me first. They actually called me to make sure that it was okay for him to pick up B one day. "Yes, thats his dad." "Well he isn't on the pick up list." "No, he's not... BECAUSE HE IS HIS DAD! He is on the main paperwork." "Well we don't go by that, just the pickup list, so you'll need to add him." WAT? (Yes, I know there is an H missing. Totally intentional.)

While, I'm on this subject can we please talk about why they don't ever follow him into the bathroom?

Well, maybe that's another blog, for another time!

I love that my children think I am all knowing and obviously the smartest human on the planet, but for the love of God, I wish they would just go ask their dad!

Peace, Love & Wine

Holly Clayburn

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