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Why you absolutely want your placenta encapsulated in YOUR home.

Placenta encapsulation is something you will see/hear me talk about time and time again because it truly is one of my favorite services! I love seeing the benefits that my client's receive and I love being there for them so quickly postpartum to reassure and encourage them.

It's no secret that I feel very strongly about only encapsulating placentas in the client's home because of safety and quality. It's a belief that I stand very firmly on, and I love holding my business to a higher standard. Our industry isn't regulated so it's up to us, the professionals, to regulate and elevate ourselves. Not only do I believe that it is better for the client overall, but it is a 100% guarantee that the placenta you consume is your own.

Aside from the safety factors, another reason that I only encapsulate in my client's homes is how personal it makes the service. I'm not a stranger who is picking up your capsules and dropping them off weeks later. I am someone who you will interact with multiple times, and who will be a warm presence in your home.

In most cases I am able to arrive within 48 hours of delivery, that way you have your capsules as soon as possible. When you give birth your hormones take a sudden shift, and placenta encapsulation is a great way to potentially balance those out and make you feel like yourself again. Since the service is done in your home, it gives you in person access to a postpartum expert who is available to answer any newborn or postpartum questions that you have. Having someone there to support you without judgment or biased, so quickly postpartum can be a game changer for many. You don't have the pressure of anyone else's opinions, only evidenced based information from a warm and familiar professional. Any additional resources that you might need can also be provided during one of the two home visits.

At the end of each day your kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned (who doesn't love that!) and all of your belongings will be replaced so there's nothing extra that you have to worry about. For the most part this service doesn't disrupt the daily routine, and can be scheduled around a families busy day to ensure the most convince for you. Access to the sink, one burner of the stove, and a small amount of counter space is all that is needed. At the end of the first day the dehydrator will be left in an obscure place overnight so it doesn't take up any needed space.

Now that you know why you want it done in your home, let's talk about why you want it done in the first place. The placenta is the only "disposable" organ that your body grows. Meaning that it is the only organ grown with the intention of later expelling, and will do this time as time again, as many times as you become pregnant. Your placenta plays a vital role during pregnancy, but it can also play a vital role for you postpartum. Potential benefits of placenta consumption are hormone balance, increased milk supply, faster recovery period, higher energy levels, decreased risk of postpartum depression, and faster restoration of iron. Every pregnancy, every placenta, and every body is different so benefits can vary person to person. Many have reported a much easier postpartum recovery, and a very "blissful" feeling when taking their capsules.

Placenta encapsulation is an investment in your postpartum experience, and like any investment, you want the best. You want the guarantee that the placenta capsules are yours, you want that relationship with a postpartum expert, and you absolutely want your placenta encapsulated in your home.

Holly Clayburn

Owner, Certified Birth Doula, and Professional Placenta Provider.

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